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The Start of a Mien Movie

Wow, the start of a new Mien movie. And, no, it’s not dubbed. This is one of the first Mien movies directed and filmed from scratch. I think it’s going to be good.

The movie is titled, Nduov, which means “to trick or deceive.” I play Meuy, a college student fearing for her life. She finds protection from Chio (played by Johnny Chao). Early in the movie, she tries to impress Chio, but he doesn’t budge. However,  he starts to fall for her while protecting her.

I also find that being behind the scenes is different than being in front of the camera. I enjoyed screwing around when the cameras are off, but once the cameras start rolling you have to get in character.

The first day of the shoot was exciting. Even though we started early in the morning, we all pulled through after a long day. This was the first time I saw how  movies are made. At the set (a warehouse), there was so much equipment, and we had to do several takes to get the perfect shot. We did several shots from different angles to get close ups and reactions. It was really great and enlightening. I applaud the director, Kao Thun, and all the cameramen for all their work.

And, I got to do a crying scene. I can’t cry on command, so we had to use eye drops. Once the director said, “Action!” I would basically plop my head down and start to cry. I did this so many times, my eyes burned. After awhile, actual tears started flowing. Of course, I went through all this trouble only to find out that most of the time, the viewers don’t see the tears. Nonetheless, it was a good experience.

We also did a scene involving fake blood, and I had to apply blood on several actors. It looked so real, I was actually scared! It could have easily turned into a horror film, but thank goodness it didn’t, because I’m terrified of scary movies.

All the actors, cameramen, and staff are like family. We all argue, play and eat together. It was a delight working with everyone.

So far, the movie is going really well. I don’t have any acting experience but I hope my performance is good. My philosophy is “try and try until you cannot anymore because if you don’t try, you’ll always end up being curious about something that you could have or should have done, but didn’t.”

Stay tuned. I will post more updates.

  • Fksaelee

    So proud of you Kae! I can’t wait for the premiere!

  • Fahm K. Saelee

    So proud of you Kae! Can’t wait for the premiere!

    • Kae Siew

      Thanks, Fahm!

  • talldarknotugly

    Better be good, and props to the casting director haha, Kae was too busy to double role. But I look forward to a movie night to watch huh?

    • Kae Siew

      hahah! if you understand it, Tom. :)

  • cheng

    good job kae.. i wanna see this movie

    • Kae Siew

      Thanks, Cheng. Please support when it comes out!

  • immien_fan

    It’s about time Mien people got into the Movie business. I really look forward to seeing it. When is it going to be released?

  • David Chao

    I’ve been kickin’ around a Mien movie idea for awhile but just haven’t had the time to make it happen. Really glad to see that you guys are making it happen! Can’t wait! Is there going to be a trailer?

  • Kao Chio

    A trailer is coming soon!

  • Kaochio

    I would like to thank all that have been supporting in making this Mien movie

    • Mary

      how do we watch it?

  • Lew Saechao

    Yeah, I like to see mienh movies about love stories and other special shows, I like to have mienh language, so the young mienh people can learn what mienh language talk about. I hope, our mienh will enjoy to watch all the time.