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Stockton and Oakland Ranked as Most Dangerous Cities in America

Crime and violence are everywhere. It’s a little shocking to see that California has two cities ranked in the top 10 as being the most dangerous cities in America. According to Yahoo, Oakland is at number 6 and Stockton is at number 10.

Oakland has recently elected their first female Asian Mayor, Jean Quan. She has a tough task on her hand. According to Yahoo, the city has the tenth-highest rate of rape, the ninth-highest murder rate, and the second highest robbery rate in the country.

Stockton on the other hand is struggling with a jobless rate of 18.4%. According to Yahoo, the huge percentage of unemployed residents may have contributed to horrible crime rate in the city. To make matter worse, Stockton was also rated as one of the most miserable cities to live in the country by Forbes. That’s a double whammy.

So, to our Iu Mien brothers and sisters living in these two cities. Please be careful. Take precaution and be safe

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