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Modern vs Traditional Marriage

What is marriage but a legal word?

How does it hold any value when people get married for the mere fact of a pregnancy?

Marriage is nothing when forever is not really forever

But it’s only until when times get tough and someone bails

The bonding of two people in one house

Can still mean that bond is divided by a wall

Separated in two bedrooms

Sleeping in two different beds

Only held together by their children

Constant infidelity can’t even break that marriage bond

Tradition’s tradition

Even if it means unhappiness and misery

Children from the mistress still can’t undo a traditional bond

Even if it means sadness and pain

Why is sex the ultimate marriage forcer? When people sleep around nowadays routinely?

Mistakes are made all the time but these mistakes are fixed by marriage to the old folks

Then you question them when you see all that’s wrong

They say a woman is a man’s slave once she marries him

She does what he says what he wants when he wants it done

No say no voice no nothing

Might as well be wearing a leash while your husband drags you behind him like a dog

But there are many good traditional marriages. Take my mom and dad. They are happy.

They smile and laugh and they look at their children with proud eyes. They are a happy

traditional marriage and despite whatever modern flaws I may see, they are happily

married and in bliss.

Nowadays, couples don’t even get married anymore. They date and date and date for

decades and they still break up. They have kids before they get married and even then,

that kid is not a tight enough bond to hold the family together. Instead it’s “I have you

for the weekends and you’ll be with your mom for the weekdays”.

Or the woman is the one who goes out and works and makes the money while the man

stays home and does all the “womanly” duties.

And if this modern couple does decide to get married, there’s always a possibility of

divorce. Divorce is not a forbidden word in a modern couple’s vocabulary because

forever really doesn’t mean forever nowadays. Forever is only until one person makes

the other person fall out of love or until happiness is gone.

Modern marriages do not know forever but when they do, it’s really something as special

as a traditional happy marriage.

With the divorce rate so high nowadays, forever is really not there but it’s the memories

and the lessons you learned that you can pass onto the next generation and as long as we

keep going and keep learning, I believe that modern marriages can once again become

what a traditional marriage was trying to conserve:

The true definition of a marriage: Two people becoming one for eternity because those

two people accepts the other person wholly till death really does do them part.